2014 Ironman Lake Tahoe

2014 Ironman Lake TahoeHi, I am SSgt Joshua Hull and I will be representing the Andy Hull’s Sunshine Foundation at the Lake Tahoe IRONMAN.

The foundation is a nonprofit organization which was created in memory of my younger brother Andrew, who took his own life last year. My parents established the foundation to encourage and promote suicide awareness and prevention with a “You Matter!”™ approach. In only 11 months, the foundation has granted four $1000 scholarships, purchased baseball equipment for Phoenix College in Arizona, sponsored two high school students to participate in an out-of-state baseball tournament and is developing a “You Matter!”™ program within the Deer Valley Unified School District. Andrew was an incredible baseball player with unlimited potential who aspired to play Major League Baseball. His nickname “Sunshine” is a true testament to his life and the way he lived. Andrew had a perpetual and engaging zest for life that was contagious; he spread his enthusiasm to everyone he came in contact with.

The IRONMAN organization hosts several types of triathlons around the world throughout the year. A triathlon is a timed event comprised of three athletic components; swimming, bicycling and running. Each triathlon varies in distance and difficulty. The Lake Tahoe IRONMAN consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bicycle road race, culminating in a 26.2 mile marathon in California, September 21, 2014.

To me, this foundation is a representation of who Andrew was: someone who loved life, never gave up, and always went that extra mile. My goal in supporting the Andy Hull’s Sunshine Foundation is to raise $15,000 through donations and sponsorships leading up to the 2014 Lake Tahoe IRONMAN.

If you would like to support this great cause to promote suicide awareness and prevention please visit the Foundation’s website at andyssunshine.com and use the PayPal button. This will ensure all donations go to a non-profit foundation and are tax deductible.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Joshua Hull