Wingman Day was held on November 6, 2015 with a presentation by Mrs. LeAnn Hull with Andy Hull’s Sunshine Foundation.

Below are some of the comments received after LeAnn’s presentation. 

Presentation Survey Results: 

  1. Were you — with the overall training?   40/40 Very Satisfied
  2. Did the presentation promote resilience, mental health and wellbeing?    40/40 Yes
  3. Have you increased a greater relevant knowledge and intervention skills compared to pre-presentation?    3/40 Satisfied  37/40 Very Satisfied
  4. Would you recommend this presentation to others?   40/40 Yes


Awesome Briefing!

LeAnn’s story about how her son had resiliency during a time of crisis during a baseball game was great.  His name “Sunshine” is a neat tribute.  Learned that there were no immediate signs and his suicide was caused by a FDA approved drug; that was surprising.

The positive way you cope with your pain was brave to share.

I liked that she was brave enough to share and tell some “real feeling”

Very satisfied as I have been near a similar situation and am familiar with things you have spoken about.  Very helpful for others.  Great active/knowledge was given by you.


Extremely emotional for me  great message.  I praise you for your courage and strength to be able to help people and share your story and shed light on a difficult subject.

Openness and honesty.  Very informative and helpful.  Love the playlist too.


This is the most effective resiliency training I’ve EVER had!  It was very heartfelt and meaningful to hear someone with experience speak the reality about suicide.

Extraordinary briefing!  I was moved by your story and definitely increased my sensitivity to this issue.  I will remember this briefing for its passionate compassion and sincerity.

Ma’am your son may not be here physically, but he is, even more than he was before.

This training had a greater impact than most suicide training I’ve received in my 16 years of service.  Her strength is so commendable and motivated me!!  The best training ever.  I truly admire you. 

I liked everything, very inspirational.  Thank you for coming out.

Very strong to tell your story.  It is helping people.  Thank you for sharing.

I connected with Mrs. Hull…Awesome!!