Jacob-ZellmanJacob is currently working for a major airline and has a passion for raising awareness to the suicide epidemic. He has spent most of his professional life working in the tech space for two major brands, gaining experience in areas such as management, training development, and product development. Outside of his day job, Jacob also enjoys traveling, spending time with good friends, and working with non-profit organizations to raise awareness on the important issues that impact our communities.


Prior to entering the corporate world, Jacob spent 6-years working with non-profit organizations to develop educational programming; conduct workshops and deliver information on multiple topics that impact the community; and build online presence and engagement. Through this non-profit work, Jacob met LeAnn Hull and began to follow the vital work that she does with Andy Hull’s Sunshine Foundation. Through his own struggles with mental health, Jacob felt connected to the Foundation and its mission.

Jacob currently serves on the Foundation Board as the Secretary.