Jaime Cerreta 3TV

PHOENIX — LeAnn Hull is a mourning mother who wants to make sure no other moms ever feel her pain.

Her 16-year-old son, Andy, committed suicide more than a year ago.

She described him as a positive kid and great baseball player.

“This year, in some senses, is more difficult than last year. The reality has set in,” Hull said.

Hull wants teachers to become educated about possible warning signs that a child might be contemplating suicide.

She presented House Bill 2605 to the House Education Committee on Monday.

“The bill really simply states it’s mandating that the Department of Education will accept suicide training and prevention as continuing education hours for these teachers so it will encourage them to want to learn and get trained,” Hull explained.

3TV reached out to a couple teachers, who said they are in favor of the bill.

“Some of these kids aren’t making it to college because they are making the choices of suicide,”¬† said fourth grade teacher Rick Watmore.

“Anything I can do to help my students emotionally as well as academically,” Sixth grade teacher Susie Ming said.

Hull hopes the legislation will save at least one child’s life and spare a parent from heartbreak.

The committee passed the bill in a 9-0 vote. It now goes to the House floor.