Suicide is not a topic that many people are comfortable talking about. Before that day, suicide was not a topic that I was at all comfortable talking about. Not only am I more comfortable talking about suicide, I am more aware of how the simplest words and actions can be enough to push someone to the edge, or bring them back off of it. Realizing that it is as simple as a few words can be a huge game changer with the way that we interact and prevent. 

The foundation’s simple slogan, “You Matter,” has changed the way that I interact with people. These two words have the power to bring someone back off that edge and into a clearer mindset that they are cared for, if even by only one person, but most likely far more. Every day that goes by that you made at least one person feel as though they matter is a successful day. How many successful days have you had this week? This month? This year?

~ Anonymous