Dear LeAnn Hull,

Thank you for presenting “You Matter™” to our Faith Builders group.

Your account of personal tragedy and loss helped us to see how deep spiritual belief can carry us through when all the world turns dark. I particularly liked your statement about “Footsteps.” I love how He carries us through times when we couldn’t carry on by ourselves.

I also appreciated you mentioning how in the midst of chaos you did not ask or call out “Why? You asked “What?” — what am I to do, what can I do, or what do You want me to do Lord?

One of the ministers whispered to me’ ” This is what we need!” I agreed: a real life story that could happen to any of us. And you provided practical suggestions to help others to intervene, prevent, or to help others impacted by suicide.

God Bless,

Richard Todd

Senior Chaplain, Buckeye Police Department