I have been meaning to send you this for so long, but it is an essay I had to write in my English class at the end of my senior year and I was also able to turn in it as a scholarship application which I was lucky enough to receive.

My path has changed a bit since I wrote this, as I want to become a mental health counselor now, but my heart is still very much in missions and nonprofit work. I can’t wait to see where God leads me to serve in the next few years and into the future.

Losing Andy is something that none of us will ever fully heal from, but my goal is to provide people with the hope and resources they need to work through their pain so that they know they don’t have to choose the same path Andy did. Your strength and dedication to presenting people with this hope has inspired me beyond words and I hope that I can continue making good out of a situation none of us thought there could be light from. He continues to shine here on earth and I know that light isn’t going anywhere!! You are the reason I want to do what I want to do and I cannot tell you how thankful I am for your example in my life. There is a deep passion in me that you have helped spark.

I would love to get lunch or coffee soon if/when you are available!! I would also love to be able to put you down as a professional reference in my application for a internship for To Write Love On Her Arms (twloha.com) in Florida this summer if you are willing. Thank you again for everything.