Man Runs Triathlon In Brother’s Honor

  By Amy Fox -KMOT-TV 10 Minot, North Dakota News   Some say an Ironman Triathlon is the ultimate endurance challenge. But, for Joshua Hull it’s more than just a race, it’s all about the journey that’s led him there. “It’s a 2.4...

Minot Daily Newspaper

What an amazing Article in a North Dakota Newspaper where the suicide rate is extremely high and where my son Josh Hull is stationed! Not only is suicide a huge problem amongst our teens but it is an ever increasing problem in the Military! We must bring awareness and...
HB2605: Bill at the Arizona State Legislature

HB2605: Bill at the Arizona State Legislature

We have a Bill!!! This will begin the process for better training on suicide prevention in our schools!! Thanks to Representative Heather Carter for sponsoring this Bill! Lets get it passed so that more people will know that ‘You Matter!”