Reflecting on 2017 and Looking Forward in 2018

Reflecting on 2017 and Looking Forward in 2018

Looking back on the year of 2017

It was an opportunity for celebration and reflection of our many accomplishments. We have literally shared our You Matter message all over the world, from Scotland, Australia, Cyprus, Ireland, Nigeria, England, to the many places in the US. As I look back on the thousands of lives that we have touched I am reminded of the importance to never give up or let the voice of discouragement deter us from what is possible. Had I let a couple of influential people who told me that I wouldn’t succeed at this endeavor, dampen my desire to spread my message, there most certainly would have been lives lost. Thus the importance of surrounding yourself with people who encourage and support your dreams and desires, just like my two favorite songs, “Never Give Up” by Sia and “Riser” by Dierks Bentley, so beautifully illustrate for us. Read More »

Speak Up Stand Up Part 2

Speak Up Stand Up Part 2

Speak Up Stand Up Part 1

Speak Up Stand Up Part 1

ASU Presentation

asu-signASU Presentation


Presentation at Rotary Club – Glendale

Presentation at Rotary Club in Goodyear.

Would love a couple companions.

Ryan’s Run

Ryans RunJoin us for Ryan’s Run at Sandra Day O’Connor High at 9:00.

Need participants!

Presentation at Softball Tournament – Buckeye

softball tournamentPresentation at Softball Tournament in Buckeye.

Need volunteers!

I Believe in Purpose

I Believe in Purpose

I believe that everyone has a purpose. Though I am young, inexperienced and most likely perceived as naive to some, I truly feel that every single person on this Earth has a reason that they are a alive. Whether it is self-proclaimed or given by a divine being, every individual is so
unique in their personality, spirit, talents, and motivation that our short time here on Earth has to
mean so much more than a daily routine that seemingly affects no one but us. Whether one’s
purpose is to create a new medicine, discover a planet, touch lives with their musical abilities, or
motivate someone to continue living in order to find their purpose, I believe every human being
is alive for a reason, and that reason is found only by living. Read More »

Boulder Creek High School Presentation

boulder creek hsLeAnn Hull will be speaking to students and staff at Boulder Creek High School.

We will need volunteers to assist with handing out wristbands. 


Lisa’s Networking Meeting

Please contact Lisa Youngblood at 623-332-8591 if you are interested in attending.