I am looking forward to sharing my story of loss and faith!

Join us for our next Faithwalk show, airing Saturday Jan. 25, 9AM on 1010 KXXT. Our Question of the Week is ‘Have You Experienced the Loss of a Loved One to Suicide?’ LeAnn Hull will be our special guest as we offer support and encouragement to those who have dealt with or are dealing with such a loss. LeAnn will also be sharing information about the Andy Hull Sunshine Foundation.

LeAnn says,

“Suicide is a topic we all hope to never experience but many do. Following the untimely death of her son, LeAnn Hull is choosing love, encouragement and suicide prevention. “Through this foundation, we are hoping to impact as many children, teens and adults as we possibly can” says LeAnn Hull, Andy’s Mom, “and spare even just one person the pain and anguish of suicide!”

If you have lost a loved one to suicide and would like to share your questions or comments, email me at station manager@azchristiantalk.com